Honkai: Star Rail - Best Builds And Light Cones For Seele (2023)

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Hoyoverse is known for having a ton of depth and detail in their games, and Honkai: Star Rail is no different. Not only does the game has over 20 characters to choose from, but it also gives you the freedom of building each character to suit your play style.

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Seele is a five-star limited character who follows the Hunt path and has the Quantum combat type. You can only get her if she's featured on the character event banner. There aren't a lot of Quantum characters in the game, which makes her even more important to have, and here's how you can build your Seele.

Updated on May 14, 2023, by Sanyam Jain: After reaching higher levels in Honkai: Star Rail, you'll realize her true potential as she gives one of the rarest stats for free, which makes it much easier to build Seele. Moreover, her unique skill set also prevents her from being power crept for a long time.

Best Relics And Planar Ornaments For Seele

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After progressing in the game a little, you'll unlock a new area in the character information section called "Relics". This area has four slots for Relics and two slots for Planar Ornaments. All of these items give you certain main and sub stats that buff your character. If you have two or four pieces of the same set, you get a special bonus.

Some of these special bonuses make the Relic set quite good for Seele:



Reason For Synergy


Genius Of Brilliant Stars

Apart from giving Seele an additional 10 percent Quantum DMG Bonus, this set will let you ignore 20 percent of an opponent's DEF if they have Quantum Weakness, and ten percent if they don't.

This also stacks with extra RES PEN given to Seele by one of her Bonus Abilities.

Musketeer Of Wild Wheat

This Relic set will give you extra ATK, SPD, and Basic Attack DMG. This might not be as good for Seele since you'd mostly want to use her Skill, but it's a great starter Relic because the game gives you a lot of pieces for it.

Planar Ornaments

Sprightly Vonwacq

The two-piece for this set increases your Energy Regen Rate by five percent, and your actions are advanced forward if you have SPD higher than 145. Seele also gets extra SPD from her Skill, which stacks well with this set.

Space Sealing Station

The best part about this Ornament set is that Seele can easily utilize all the buffs provided since you'll easily have over 120 SPD on her. In total, you'll get an extra 24 percent ATK boost.

Inert Salsotto

This can be a decent choice for Seele, but you won't be able to utilize one of its buffs. Seele's Resurgence attack is not considered a follow-up attack, so there are no follow-up attacks with her.

Though the Crit Rate and Ultimate DMG boost are more than welcome since she can get her Ultimate faster as well.

Relics can be farmed from different Caverns of Corrosion, but it's recommended to dedicate your Trailblaze Power to them only after level 40.

On the other hand, Planar Ornaments can be farmed after defeating Elites or Bosses in the Worlds of the Simulated Universe.

The main stats for Head and Hands Relics are guaranteed to be HP and ATK respectively. Here are the best main stats for the rest of the Relics and Planar Ornaments for Seele in the game:


Crit Rate > Crit DMG


SPD/ATK Percent

Planar Sphere

Quantum DMG Bonus

Link Rope

ATK Percent

The only scenario where you'd want to have SPD as the main stat is if you're using Space Sealing Station Ornament set.

Best Light Cones For Seele

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When it comes to Light Cones, Honkai: Star Rail is a little restrictive since the Light Cone's ability only works if its path is the same as the character's path. Naturally, you'd only want to use The Hunt Light Cones on Seele, and here are the best ones:

In The Night (Five Star)

In The Night is Seele's signature Light Cone, and it gives her an additional 18 percent Crit Rate. Moreover, your Basic ATK, Skill, and Ultimate DMG increase based on your SPD over 100.

Cruising In The Stellar Sea (Five Star)

This is an F2P five-star Light Cone that can be found in Herta's Store. At Superimposition one, it can give an extra 16 percent Crit Rate if the target enemy has 50 percent or lower health.

Moreover, Seele's ATK is increased every time she defeats an enemy, which synergizes with her Talent.

Only Silence Remains (Four Star)

This Light Cone can be good on Seele, but it's also a little counter-intuitive. You only get the Crit Rate boost if there are two or fewer enemies on the field, but Seele shines against hordes of enemies.

Though it can be a great pick if you're going to fight single-target boss enemies.

Return To Darkness (Four Star)

This Light Cone gives you a 12 percent Crit Rate by default, and you also have a chance to remove one buff from the target enemy. If you can get this to Superimposition five, it becomes one of the best Light Cones for her.

Arrows (Three Star)

If you're just starting in the game, this three-star Light Cone gives her the early-game Crit Rate that she needs. Moreover, you can easily get it to Superimposition five since it's a three-star

Adversarial (Three Star)

This Light Cone synergizes with Seele's Talent as well since it gives you an increased SPD whenever you defeat an enemy, and she already gets an extra turn for doing that.

Seele Traces Overview And Priority

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Each character in Honkai: Star Rail has many Traces (abilities) that can be upgraded or unlocked at different levels. These Traces include three active abilities and a bunch of passives that make active abilities stronger:

Ability Name




Basic Attack

Deals a certain amount of Quantum DMG to one enemy. The basic attack for every character has the same effect and multipliers at the same level.

Sheathed Blade


Deals three instances of Quantum DMG to one enemy and increases her SPD by 25 percent for the next two turns.

Butterfly Flurry


Deals a massive amount of Quantum DMG to one enemy while Seele enters the buffed state for the next turn.



Whenever a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate defeats an enemy, Seele enters the buffed state and gets an extra turn. During any buffed state, her DMG is increased by a certain amount for one turn.

Phantom Illusion


Seele enters a stealth state where she can't be detected by enemies. Upon entering battle, she'll start in the buffed state.


Bonus Ability

When you attack during Seele's buffed state, her Quantum RES PEN is increased by 20 percent.


Bonus Ability

Decreases the chances of her getting attacked when she has 50 percent or lower health.

Rippling Waves

Bonus Ability

Advances her action forward when you use her Basic Attack by 20 percent.

When it comes to the active abilities, you'll get the most damage from Seele's Skill, which makes it the main priority for upgrades. You can either upgrade her Talent or her Ultimate next since they're both equally important. Finally, you can upgrade her Basic Attack whenever you have extra materials.

Out of all the bonus abilities, Lacerate is the most important one since it gives you RES PEN, which increases her damage significantly. Rippling Waves also gives a reason to use her Basic Attack sometimes.

Tips To Play As Seele

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With the number of Traces, Light Cones, and Relics that Seele has, it can be quite difficult to keep up with everything. If you build Seele the wrong way, you can easily start getting diminishing returns from her, so here are a few tips to help with that:

  • Don't build too much SPD on this character. She already gets a bunch of SPD when she uses her Skill and her actions are also Advanced Forward from one of the passives. This is the game's way of telling you that you can focus on other stats while building Seele.
  • Pay attention to who you put in a team with her. Seele is a Skill-hungry character, which means that you'll be using a lot of Skill Points on her. If you're running a buffer that also needs to use the Skill, it's important that the other two characters in your team can rely on their Basic Attacks.
  • While she can still be good, Seele's DMG reduces significantly if an enemy doesn't have Quantum weakness in the late game.
  • It's important to choose the correct enemy while using your Ultimate. In the best case, you need to pick an enemy that has high health, but not high enough to not get knocked out with the Ultimate. This will give you the most value since you'll also get a free turn.

Are Seele's Eidolons Worth It?

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Every character in Honkai: Star Rail has six Eidolons that you can unlock upon getting a copy of that character. When it comes to Seele, she's already a great character without any of these Eidolons. She can single-handedly carry you through all the content during the early game, and she's still one of the best DPS characters in the late game.

Her first and second Eidolons can make up for some of the problems in her kit, which makes them worth it. Though it's not recommended to go any further from that unless you really like the character. These two Eidolons will make her quite a broken character.

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