Many Honkai: Star Rail Character Rank Quite High on Its 'Tier List' (2023)


Many Honkai: Star Rail Character Rank Quite High on Its 'Tier List' (1)By Jenni Lada

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(Video) RANKING EVERY HONKAI: STAR RAIL CHARACTER - Complete CBT 3 E0 Tier List for Honkai Star Rail

Many Honkai: Star Rail Character Rank Quite High on Its 'Tier List' (2)

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Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail is the sort of game where tiers honestly don’t matter much for characters. Due to party choices and character roles, people might be useful regardless of where they’d fall in the meta. If you’re farming or going through the story, you might have different needs. Also, the team you’re using influences how “good” someone could be too. Now that we’ve had time to spend and accumulate various four and five-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail, we decided to put together a preliminary tier list going over what you can expect from certain characters. However, as we haven’t been lucky enough to pick up every five-star at Siliconera yet, our in-progress list will only assess characters we have firsthand knowledge of and will be updated as time goes by.

(Video) Honkai: Star Rail Pre-launch Tier List in 35 Seconds! #honkaistarrail #tierlist #edit


  • Bronya: Bronya is incredible as a supporter. She immediately brings someone up to act with a damage buff with her Skill, cleansing them as she does. She also gets guaranteed critical hits, which is handy. Also, she buffs the whole party with her Ultimate. She’s great in any situation.
  • Natasha: Everyone gets Natasha for free, which is great because she is fantastic at healing and cleansing allies. While her heal only hits one person and Bailu’s has a “splash” effect that catches others, the regen effect is a very helpful bonus.
  • Seele: Once you level up her Traces, Seele never stops attacking. She can just keep going, picking off enemies one-by-one. It’s fantastic.
  • Tingyun: Tingyun is almost as amazing a supporter as Bronya, only in a slightly different way. Her skill blesses another party member to boost their damage and add lightning damage. But more importantly, she’s basically a battery. Whenever she uses her Ultimate, she’ll recharge the target’s energy by 50 and increase their attack.
Screenshot by Siliconera


  • Bailu: Bailu is probably the best healer in the game right now, even though she can’t cleanse. This is because of her revival mechanic that can kick in once per battle. She also has the added bonus of healing people after they take a hit automatically, after updates.
  • Gepard: What’s nice about Gepard is that he’s fantastic at shielding everyone, he gets great defense stats, his traces guarantee he’s targeted more often, and if he does somehow die, his Talent will revive and heal him. He’s also pretty good at dealing damage to enemies and freezing them.
  • Himeko: Himeko is the character you want around when you start farming Caverns of Corrosion, Calcyxes, Simulated Universe, and really any area where you’ll fight groups of enemies. She does tons of damage, plus she’ll be able to follow-up ally attacks after breaking enemy weaknesses three times. Given she’s a Fire type, quite a few foes on Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and the Xianzhou Luofu are susceptible.
  • Jing Yuan: You’re basically getting two characters instead of one with Jing Yuan, with the Lightning Lord backing his attacks up and also hitting enemy groups. His single and multi-target attacks are fantastic. Plus, his Traces further increase his and Lightning Lord’s damage output. He’s at his best if you can get his signature Light Cone, though.
  • Pela: Pela is fantastic for her ability to remove buffs from enemies with her Skill, then use her Ultimate to temporarily lower an enemy’s defense for two turns. This is all while dealing pretty solid Ice damage and maybe even restoring her own energy by debuffing foes.
  • Trailblazer (Preservation):
  • Welt: Welt is the only character dealing Imaginary damage in 1.0, so I’d say he’s pretty critical. However, he’s great at dealing damage and slowing an enemy down with his multi-hit skill, Imprisonment is fantastic for slowing enemies down further. Pair him up with a good Hunt character like Seele, and you’ll easily tear through enemies.
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  • Dan Heng: Dan Heng can be a great The Hunt damage dealer, especially if you boost his critical hit rate so he’s often reducing enemies’ speed with his Skill. Which in turn improves his Ultimate, since it deals more damage to slowed down enemies. But he’s best if you have someone nearby who also uses Abilities on him, like March 7th, Bronya, or Tingyun, so he gets a chance for his Wind attacks to get resistance penetration.
  • March 7th: Okay, so, I personally have an E6 March 7th, and that HP regen effect for shielded characters is a game-changer. But even if you don’t have that, the fact she follows up attacks on shielded characters and does a pretty great job of freezing opponents is an incredible boon. Not to mention there are a lot of enemies on Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and the Xianzhou Luofu weak to Ice damage, which helps tremendously.
  • Serval: Serval is fantastic for many, many reasons. Her base damage is pretty great. But what is wonderful is when you use her Skill, then within two turns of that use her Ultimate. This is because her Skill has a very high chance of inflicting Shock damage over time on enemies, and the Ultimate makes that last two turns longer than it normally would. In addition to hitting multiple enemies, you’re guaranteeing continued DOT damage.
  • Sushang: It’s sort of weird that Shushang is such a good Physical damage dealer compared to the Trailblazer (Destruction). She’s great about dealing single-target damage, with a guaranteed bonus hit if you break an enemy’s weakness. (You also have a chance of getting that even if you don’t.) Not to mention her Ultimate gives her the chance to attack twice in a row, given it Advances her next action.
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  • Asta: Asta isn’t a bad supporter! Her Ultimate’s speed buff for the whole party is great. She’s also good at dealing Fire damage, with her Skill hitting one enemy, then hitting four more times on random opponents. But while speed is a critical stat, you really want other supporters like Bronya or Tingyun around instead. Or maybe even a Nihility character like Pela if you have her.
  • Hook: Hook can be really helpful, but because she doesn’t act like you’d expect a Destruction character should, you may not want to use her over others? She can do AOE damage and apply Burn with her Skill, but only if you used her Ultimate before it. So what you’re really trying to do is constantly build up to using her Ultimate, then immediately following it with her Skill for the guaranteed AOE and Burn.
  • Sampo: Sampo’s… fine? Like he’s an okay Nihility character who can deal some decent damage over time. Especially since it’s very likely you’ll apply Wind Shear with him, and his Ultimate makes DOT attacks deal even more damage to foes. But other than that, his damage output is lower than other, better Nihility folks.
  • Trailblazer (Destruction): The best thing you can say about a Physical Trailblazer is that they cover that element and offer an option as to whether your Ultimate hits one enemy or everyone. But really, they’re only good for their AOE Skill’s damage to a group. And even then, there are much better AOE attackers who get a lot more out of that skill point.
  • Qingque: I debated about whether Qingque should fall into B or C, because if luck is on your side she can be great! Her basic attack doesn’t recover Skill Points, but her drawing of mahjong tiles means she could deal a stronger than usual AOE attack. However, since her Skill deals with the tile element, and you could waste a skill point (that she won’t help regenerate) for no benefit. Her Ultimate lets deals decent damage and gives you our matching tiles when she uses it, but it takes so long to charge. If RNG blesses you, she’s great, but it’s too much of a risk.


  • Arlan: Arlan works in a very specific way, which means being ready to make him sacrifice his HP to act as a blood knight to deal damage. You’ll have to have someone like Bailu or Natasha dedicated to keeping him alive. Considering how little damage he does for that constant babysitting, he’s not worth it.
  • Herta: We have a lot of great Ice characters in Honkai: Star Rail already, as well as a lot of Erudition ones that hit multiple enemies, which means Herta falters in the tier list. If there are a lot of opponents, she can be great! But Pela and March 7th are better general four-star ice types, and she doesn’t deal enough damage to be as useful as other Erudition four-stars like Serval.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

Many Honkai: Star Rail Character Rank Quite High on Its 'Tier List' (6)

(Video) These are the BEST Characters in Honkai Star Rail

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Who is the strongest Honkai Star Rail character? ›

Tingyun. HoYoverse Energy generation helps in getting your character's ultimate in Honkai Star Rail. Tingyun is easily the best four-star character in Honkai Star Rail, thanks to her brilliant buffs for DPS characters. She can generate energy for allies and boost their damage for multiple turns.

Who is the best 4 * S in Honkai Star Rail? ›

Tingyun is arguably the best 4-star unit in Honkai: Star Rail. Her ability to improve the performance of the ally affected by her Benediction buff is comparable to 5-star units abilities. With her Ultimate, Tingyun can operate as a battery and insanely buff one of her allies' damage for two turns.

What is the best character to pull for Honkai Star Rail? ›

Here are the S-tier Honkai Star Rail characters.
  • Bailu. If you're looking for a reliable healer, then you simply can't get any better than Bailu. ...
  • Bronya. ...
  • Jing Yuan. ...
  • Seele. ...
  • Silver Wolf. ...
  • Clara. ...
  • Tingyun. ...
  • Yanqing.
4 days ago

Does Honkai Star Rail have pity? ›

Thankfully, much like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail includes a Pity system designed for players to make the most of their pulls. Pity can help you make the most of your Warps in the game, and increase your chances of getting those rare 5-star characters and Light Cones.

Who is the canon MC in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

What Are Trailblazer Canon Names in Honkai Star Rail? When you reach the main character selection in Honkai Star Rail, you can see that both Trailblazers have names: Male Protagonist – Receptacle Caelus. Female Protagonist – Receptacle Stelle.

Who is the bad guy in Honkai Impact? ›

Houkai (or Honkai), also known as Collapse, are the titular central antagonists of Guns Girl Z and its sequel Honkai Impact 3rd.

What is the best 5 star in Star Rail? ›

With the best health and defensive stats among all 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail, Gepard is the best when it comes to survivability. Although he may not have the highest base attack, he wields the power of ice and can be handy in freezing opponents, giving that much desirable extra turn to your team.

Who is the female protagonist in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The player gets to choose either Stelle (female) or Caelus (male), along with their Receptacle Codename.

What rank is Mobius Honkai? ›

Among The Thirteen Flame-Chasers, she is numbered tenth with the codename "Infinity".

Who is the most popular character in Honkai? ›

Bailu. There aren't many healers available in-game, making Bailu very popular in the community. The High Elder of the Vidyadhara, also known as the “Healer Lady.” Bailu is an adorable little girl with dragon horns and a tail, but don't let her cute looks fool you.

Who is the most op character in Honkai Impact? ›

Fu Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)

It's one of the most powerful yet most elegant in the Honkai universe. The Herrscher of Sentience can provide great physical support and can impair enemies. She can even deal high damage through combo slashes whenever she activates her ultimate.

Who is the best starter character in star rail? ›

The best character for beginners in Honkai Star Rail is Natasha, a character players can obtain for free by playing the game's story. Natasha possesses a Physical Element and the Path of Abundance, which makes her a very strong healer.

What happens after 75 pity? ›

Pity carries over from banner to banner. So, if you roll 75 times before a new banner drops, those rolls will carry over. Note that this only works if you're rolling on the same banner. Character and Standard banners don't share the same pity.

Is 70 pity guaranteed 5-star? ›

“Soft pity” is when you start hitting 70 to 80 pulls. The rate of getting a 5-star increases more and more as you reach 80, and is when you usually get a 5-star character. But if you're unlucky, you hit “hard pity”; which guarantees you a 5-star on your 90th pull.

Does 50 50 pity carry over Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Does pity carry over between banners in Honkai: Star Rail? Pity carries over between banners of the same type in Honkai: Star Rail, but not between banners of different types.

Who is the purple haired girl in Honkai? ›

Sirin appears as a young girl somewhere between the ages of 12 and 13. She has long purple hair and yellow eyes. Her outfit changed 3 times during the course of the 2nd Eruption. She is first seen wearing a white lab gown before her full awakening.

Who is the pink hair girl in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The pink-haired girl aka March 7th is an Ice support unit who is reminiscent of Diona from Genshin Impact. She is capable of giving teammates shields and her Ultimate applies the Ice element on enemies and freezes them. She is free to obtain from the story and is one of the supporting characters in the story.

Is Captain canon in Honkai? ›

The captain is not referenced in the in-game canon, manga or visual novels. He only exists in comedic 4-komas and temporary in-game Events, which have been coined "the Captainverse". In it, he plays a central part, interacts with other characters and shows emotions as well as a distinct personality.

Who is God in Honkai? ›

Prometheus, also known as the Will of Honkai, Honkai God, God of Honkai or simply as God, is a mysterious entity in the universe of Honkaiverse that serves as the Supreme God, creator and leader of all Houkai's forces of nature in reality and beyond all creation itself, serving as the titular overarching antagonist of ...

Who killed Cecilia Honkai? ›

She perished along with the Herrscher Sirin when Schicksal bombarded the area they are fighting on, killing them both.

Is Bronya disabled? ›

As a result of staying in the quantum plane longer than intended, Bronya lost the ability to feel a wide range of emotions, required advanced legs prosthesis in order to move and had a biochip inserted in her brain to maintain survival.

Is Yanqing the worst 5 star? ›

Compared to other 5-star characters, Yanqing is not a popular option among players. This is due to him also following The Hunt path, which puts him at a disadvantage compared to characters like Seele and Dan Heng.

Is Yanqing a girl or boy? ›

Yanqing is a young boy with long blond hair tied back into a ponytail and golden eyes.

Are there LGBT characters in Honkai? ›

Unfortunately, as of right now you can't be gay in Honkai Star Rail. Despite being an RPG with a large cast of characters, the game does not have any romance options at this time.

Should I pick girl or boy in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Should You Choose Stelle or Caelus in Honkai Star Rail? Similar to Aether and Lumine of Genshin Impact, there's no difference between the MCs Stelle or Caelus in Honkai: Star Rail. All their dialogue options are the same, as well as their combat abilities and stats.

Who is the queen of Honkai? ›

The one born as Sirin (in Chinese: 西琳, Xī Lín) and later better known as Herrscher of the Void (in Chinese: 空之律者, Kōng Zhī Lǜzhě), also known as Queen of the Void, K-423, 2nd Herrscher, Second Ruler of the New World, Houkai God, Queen of the Houkai, Ultimate Ruler, God Kiana, Goddess of the Void and possibly hundreds ...

Who is Mobius shipped with Honkai? ›

ElyMobi is the femslash ship between Elysia and Mobius from the Honkai fandom.

What Valkyrie rank is Kiana? ›

NameSquad / RoleStatus
Susannah ManattSquad PhosdjinnsActive
Bronya ZaychikSquad VFormer
Kiana KaslanaSquad VFormer
2 more rows

What rank is Eden Honkai? ›

Eden is another member of The Thirteen Flame-Chasers. She is ranked fourth amongst the thirteen, and was once "the brightest star" of the Previous Era.

Who is the strongest Herrscher? ›

Narrator, Honkai Impact 3rd - Secret of the God Keys. The legendary Herrscher who brought the end to the ancient civilization of Earth and was considered as the most evil and dangerous Herrscher of all time for alone destroying the surface of Earth before the rise of the new human civilization .

Are there only female characters in Honkai? ›

The series has multiple male characters, just never ones that are playable like Otto Apocalypse or Kevin.

Who is the best 4 star main DPS in star rail? ›

The Best DPS Character In Honkai: Star Rail, Ranked
  1. 1 Seele. Seele is hands-down one of the best and most lethal allies you could possibly have on your team, and with the right support she is practically unstoppable.
  2. 2 Himeko. ...
  3. 3 Clara. ...
  4. 4 Qingque. ...
  5. 5 Dan Heng. ...
  6. 6 Jing Yuan. ...
  7. 7 Yanqing. ...
  8. 8 Serval. ...
May 17, 2023

What is the strongest Honkai beast in Honkai Impact? ›

Assaka is the Honkai Beast with the most physical damage (not including Trial Level Beasts like Chiyou).

Who is the best support in Star Rail? ›

10 Best Support Characters To Use In Honkai: Star Rail
  • 8 Gepard.
  • 7 Pela.
  • 6 Welt.
  • 5 Natasha.
  • 4 Preservation Path Trailblazer.
  • 3 Tingyun.
  • 2 Bronya.
  • 1 Bailu.
May 14, 2023


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