The Best Team Comps for Seele in Honkai: Star Rail (2023)

By Hannah Hart

Seele in Honkai: Star Rail is a very versatile character with her Talents and Team Compositions allowing her to take multiple actions in one turn.

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Seele, the rarity 5-Star Banner character in Honkai: Star Rail, fills the role on a player's team as the primary damage dealer. By providing her with the best support, she can continuously knock out enemies in record time. However, one thing to consider while using Seele is that she will take a lot of skill points. Therefore, creating a team that can constantly buff and replenish her abilities synchronously carries the player further in the game.

Seele in Honkai: Star Rail is given a rarer element of Quantum which Entangles the enemy as a secondary effect. Many enemies are weak to this but will need to be broken with complementary elements for her to get real damage in. Furthermore, Seele is a character of The Hunt Path which means she is given significant Attack and Speed stats but will need Defensive allies to shield her more. Thankfully, many supporting characters are viable with her skill build making it easier to find the right fit for the player's team compositions.

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Use Seele's Talents For The Best Compositions

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Seele's Talent



Seele enters the buffed state upon defeating an enemy with Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate and receives an extra action. While in the buffed state, Seele increases her DMG by 40% for one turn. Enemies defeated in the extra activities provided by "Resurgence" will not trigger another "Resurgence."

Although Seele is a single-target damage dealer in Honkai: Star Rail, her Talent Resurgence helps her attack multiple enemies. This is important to note, as her team compositions should be based on how many actions Seele gets in one turn. Furthermore, this Talent only triggers when Seele can deal the final blow to an enemy. Therefore, chipping down an enemy slowly so that Seele can take multiple turns is what the player should be looking for. Alternatively, a notable combo for Seele is with some of the best Bronya builds in Honkai: Star Rail, triggering Combat Redeployment, giving Seele even more turns.

Fire Power Team Composition For Seele

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Slot 4




Fire Trailblazer

The first recommended team for Seele is elemental-specific and contains only free-to-play characters. Asta not only helps Seele with her Speed but also is used to buff Fire Damage dealt by the supporting Fire Trailblazer. This gives two supporting characters an important sub-damage that can chip the enemy's health in Honkai: Star Rail. With this team, Natasha is also important to have as she ensures that everyone can stay on the battlefield with sufficient HP. Additionally, the Fire Trailblazer's shield skill Taunts the enemies redirecting fatal blows away from Seele.

It is essential to put a character next to the Trailblazer that has high HP or Defenses like some of the best Natasha character builds. Quake damage which can normally be dealt to adjacent characters will then be redirected to only two if they are on the edge of the battlefield.

Balanced Team Composition for Seele

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March 7th

The second recommended team is also composed of only free-to-play characters in Honkai: Star Rail; however, all the element types are different. Alongside Seele, Serval is helpful as a sub-DPS that can provide damage over time to all enemies with the Lightning Element. With weakened enemies on the field, Seele can then deal the final blow to gain continuous actions in one turn. Providing bulk to the team, Natasha is used as a healer and dispeller alongside March 7th with her shields. Further progression in the game shows how helpful this team can be, as Natasha and March 7th have access to dispel skills.

Offensive Support Composition For Seele

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If the player has access to the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail, a hyper-offensive team is recommended. For example, to deal the best damage, a combination of buffing Seele and debuffing the enemy's defenses will help her land fatal blows sooner. In addition, this will trigger the Resurgence Talent boosting an even greater Attack stat that regenerates Energy faster. Therefore, combining Tingyun's Benediction with Welt or Pela's defense-lowering skills are unstoppable. Finally, with any team, a healer is needed and can be situational depending on if the player needs a revival with Bailu or dispel buff with Natasha.

Seele and Bronya Combo Composition

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Fire Trailblazer/Gepard/March 7th

From the game's launch, Honkai: Star Rail fans have found a combo between Seele and Bronya of Jarilo IV. These two not only are from the same storyline but can devastate opponents with single-target damage turned not only into two actions but a guaranteed 3rd action or more if done correctly.

To trigger this combo and receive the achievement, "It's My Turn," as shown by YouTuber SiNeruu:

  • The player will first gain an extra skill point with a Basic Attack since Seele is usually faster.
  • Bronya's Ultimate should be used only if Seele needs a buff, but it is still recommended.
  • Bronya's Skill, Combat Redeployment, will advance Seele's action forward with another damage buff.
  • The player will now be able to deal heavy damage to enemies hit by Seele's Skill. If Seele deals the final blow triggering Resurgence, continue to fill up Seele's Ultimate Energy with her Basic Attack or Skill. Killing an enemy while in Seele's Resurgence turn will not trigger another Resurgence. This will only work on the next turn if Seele can use her Ultimate after a Resurgence attack.
  • Once filled with Energy and damage is dealt on a Resurgence turn, immediately use Seele's Ultimate to one-shot or final hit, triggering Resurgence again. At that point, Seele will have taken over several actions creating an achievement.

On the same team as Seele and Bronya, defensive characters such as Fire Trailblazer or the best Gepard character builds in Honkai: Star Rail can help keep the two of them alive. Additionally, like all teams listed, Abundance class characters are necessary to survive multiple turns. Consider using Bailu for Invigoration, which replenishes health after being hit, or Natasha with her dispel and heal, which can help in harder fights.

Source: YouTube/SiNeruu

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